Know the Full Cost of Your Trailer Before You Buy

Trailer Manufacturers Adelaide

If you have spent any time at all looking to buy a trailer online in Adelaide, you will probably be aware that it can be a frustrating business. Some trailer manufacturer websites are not very clear as to what features their standard trailers have, or what upgrades you can have added if you want to buy a custom trailer. This means it can be a time consuming process to find a trailer with the exact specs you want.

Even more frustrating is how difficult it can be to find out precisely how much it will cost you to buy the trailer online that you want.

At a lot of Adelaide trailer online sites, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer or seller (either by phone or by email) to get a price even for a standard trailer. When it comes to trailer upgrades or adding accessories, the process can be far more complicated and time consuming, as the sorts of extras available and the price you have to pay for them will too often not be clearly displayed.

If you need to buy a trailer in a hurry, you’re in regional South Australia, or you’re just looking to buy a trailer in Adelaide outside of working hours, this can be frustrating and waste a lot of your time.

This is not the case when you buy a trailer from Basic Trailers in Adelaide. We have a completely transparent pricing policy that enables you to know the complete cost of your trailer — including features like upgraded ATM, electric brakes, rocker roller suspension, etc. — before you call us.

How much does a trailer from Basic Trailers cost?

When you go to the Trailer Range page on our website, and then click on the trailer you are interested in, you will see the standard price.

You will also find a list showing the range of accessories and upgrades that can be added, enabling you to customise your trailer so that it meets your specific needs. You can expand the tabs in the list to see all of the upgrade features available for every trailer in our range, with the cost of each being clearly displayed.

To get a total cost for your customised trailer, all you need to do is tick the boxes for the upgrade features that you want to be added, and the overall cost will be shown.

In order to make life even easier, if you click the Print Your Quote button at the bottom and fill in your details, your quote can then be downloaded. A copy will also be emailed for you. We guarantee that the price on your printed quote (which is valid for 30 days) will be the price you pay for your new trailer, including all the upgrade features you require.

In addition, we also make it easy to tow now and pay later with Trailer Pay— just click on the Trailer Pay button to find out more.

Get in touch to find out more about the cost of a trailer in Adelaide

As well as manufacturing high quality trailers in Adelaide from 100% Australian steel, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a clear and transparent pricing policy that means you’ll never be in the dark about how much a trailer costs.

We also make buying a custom trailer easy to do, and ensure that you know in advance how much added features like a cage, drop down legs, or land cruiser tyres and rims will cost you.

If you’re fed up with Adelaide trailer builders not giving you all the information you need before you buy, call Sam on 1300 770 770, or check out our Trailer Range pages to find out more.

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