Adelaide Trailer Sales

Many Guarantees and Warranties sound too good to be true, until you get into the fine print. Well we reckon our warranty is superior to anything else out there.

Here’s the straightforward version of our terms, conditions, and warranty. We’ve kept it simple, so you know exactly what’s what.

12-Month Warranty - All our trailers come with a 12-month warranty. This covers welding, electrical components, running gear, parts, and labour.

Building Specs - Your trailer will be built to the specs on your invoice. Check it carefully before paying your deposit. We’ll use the parts, brands, and colours we’ve quoted, but if something’s not available, we’ll replace it with something equal or better.

Pictures and Payment - Pictures on our website might not exactly match your trailer. We need a 20% deposit before we start building, and full payment when it’s done. If you delay the deposit, we might not meet the original lead time.

Your Responsibilities - You need to make sure your towing vehicle can handle the trailer, that it’s wired right, and that you follow all the towing laws and regulations.

Recommendations and Paint Coating - Give your trailer a local test run before a long journey. The paint will scratch with everyday use, but we’ll do our best to avoid any issues.

Warranty Procedure - If something’s wrong, call us right away. You’ll need to bring your trailer to our Adelaide workshop. We’ll check it out and let you know what’s what. We’ll use identical parts if we can, but we might have to use something equal or better.

Warranty Voiding Conditions - Your warranty won’t be valid if you don’t look after your trailer, modify it, use the wrong parts, overload it, break the law, or ignore safety procedures. If someone else repairs it without our OK, your warranty will be void. Keep your trailer clean and dry to keep your warranty valid.

Basic Trailers - Basically, Better. That’s it! We reckon it’s all pretty straightforward, but if you’ve got any questions, just give us a call. We’re here to help, and we want you to be as confident in our warranty as you are in our trailers. Happy towing!