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We aim always to have our single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, car trailers and tipper trailers in stock and ready to go in our Adelaide workshop. This means you can usually buy a new trailer and tow it away the same day.

We can arrange instant registration for you on the spot (including supplying number plates). This means your new trailer will be fully registered and available to tow away on the day you make your purchase.

We always welcome customers to our Adelaide trailer workshop in Pooraka. Come and see the quality and workmanship of our complete range of Basic Trailers for yourself — we’re sure you’ll be impressed by what you see. trailers category's

All of our Adelaide trailers for sale come with a jockey wheel, front infill, high quality LED lights, and disc rotors with mechanical callipers as standard. Other optional features (such as a spare wheel) are available on request for an additional charge.

We are happy to accept payment for new trailers via Trailer Pay.

All Basic Trailers are covered by our 12 month warranty.

If a trailer is 100% made in Australia (as all of the trailers are here in our Adelaide workshop), it means that the design, welding and fabrication work is all done in Australia. For Basic Trailers, this also means that we use only high quality Australian steel. If a trailer is ‘assembled in Australia’, this means that all of the parts and components are produced overseas (usually from lower grade steel and to lower standards of workmanship) and then imported into Australia, where the various pre-fabricated pieces are simply put together. The difference in terms of quality, durability and longevity is significant.

ATM stands for Aggregate Trailer Mass. This is the combined weight of the trailer with its full load when not coupled with a tow vehicle. This is the way we measure the carrying capacity of our trailers at Basic Trailers, although you might elsewhere see the term GTM, which stands for Gross Trailer Mass and is the weight that a fully loaded trailer imposes on its axle(s) when it is coupled to a towing vehicle. check our ATM upgrade options

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