5 Things You Didn’t Know About Box Trailers

Box Trailers

Although box trailers are probably the most commonly owned and towed trailers in South Australia, we nevertheless still receive regard questions about from prospective customers about whether a box trailer is right for them.

Below are five things that people most frequently ask us about when they are considering buying a new box trailer in Adelaide.

1. Box trailers are available in a range of dimensions and ATMs

Although you are probably most used to seeing standard 6 x 4 box trailers on the road, we actually design and build an extensive range, including both single axle and tandem axle box trailer in a wide variety of different dimensions.

The size of box trailer you need will depend on what you use a trailer for, and the size of the typical loads you expect to carry (however, if you are intending to carry loads exceeding 2 tonnes, then you will need a tandem axle box trailer).

It is also helpful to know that the ride when towing a tandem axle box trailer will usually be smoother and more stable than a single axle trailer.

Your choice may also depend on the space you have for storing a trailer, as our range includes 6 x4 models right up to much larger 20 x 6 box trailers.

We design and build single axle box trailers in the following sizes:

  • 6 x 4, 1350kg ATM
  • 7 x 4, 1350kg ATM
  • 7 x 5, 1350kg ATM
  • 7 x 6, 1350kg ATM
  • 8 x 4, 1350kg ATM
  • 8 x 5, 1350kg ATM
  • 8 x 6, 1350kg ATM
  • 10 x 5, 1350kg ATM
  • 10 x 6, 1350kg ATM

Our current range of tandem axle box trailers includes:

  • 8 x 4, 1990kg ATM
  • 8 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 8 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 10 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 10 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 12 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 12 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 14 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 14 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 16 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 16 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 18 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 18 x 6, 1990kg ATM
  • 20 x 5, 1990kg ATM
  • 20 x 6, 1990kg ATM

2. You can upgrade a box trailer with add-ons

There are a range of options that enable you to upgrade your box trailer so that it better suits your needs

A cage is the feature that customers most commonly add to a box trailer. Cages are popular because they enable you to carry a larger load that extends well above the sides of the trailer while still keeping it safe and secure (make sure you are aware of the state regulations regarding this).

Another popular box trailer add-on feature is a stock crate. These are designed specifically for transporting cattle, sheep and other animals, and enables you to customise a box trailer for this specific purpose.

However, there are a range of other trailer upgrades that can be added to a box trailer so that it is better able to do the job you require.

You can, for instance, upgrade the ATM, add eye to eye suspension, upgrade the wheels and tyres, incorporate electric brakes, add a tailgate and ramp, and much more,

If you have specific needs and want to add these or other features to your box trailer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 1300 770 770 or email us, and we will be happy to talk you through the full range of upgrade options.

3. Box trailer maintenance is simple and straightforward

Looking after the paint on your trailer

It is important to take care of the paint job on your box trailer, in order to help to maintain the structural integrity while also ensuring that it continues to look good.

It is important to keep your trailer clean and dry, keep it under cover whenever possible, and ensure that any paint or rust spots are touched up as soon as possible.

We would also advise against pressure washing your trailer, or leaving rubbish, sand or grass cuttings in it any longer than necessary. It is also advisable to have stone guards on your vehicle if you regularly tow on rough or gravel roads.

More trailer maintenance tips

You should undertake a maintenance check of a new trailer after the first week or 500km (whichever occurs first), followed by a further check every subsequent 1000km.

In addition, a box trailer should be serviced annually, or every 5000km (whichever occurs first).

When undertaking a maintenance check or servicing of your trailer, you should ensure that you do the following:

Nuts and bolts

It is important to check all bolts and nuts regularly, including all:

  • coupling bolts & accessories
  • springs / shackle bolts
  • wheel nuts (110 Nm)
  • bearing nut
  • U bolts
  • brake and calliper bolts
Grease nipples

All grease nipples should be greased regularly. They are located in the following areas:

  • ball hitch
  • suspension bushings
Axles and suspension

Springs should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good working order. The bushes will require changing at each service.

  • check if all nuts and bolts are tight
  • check axles regularly for rust and treat them with a kill rust primer to prevent serious damage
Wheels and tyres
  • ensure wheel nuts are torqued per above specification (110 Nm)
  • check tyres for uneven or excessive wear and ensure that the tyres are inflated with the correct PSI
  • tyres should be calibrated to 32psi when the trailer is empty (adjust the pressure according to the weight of the payload)
  • check your bearings for play every 6-12 months (depending on usage)
  • grease regularly with high-speed bearing grease
  • ensure correct tension through regular servicing (if left unattended, incorrectly tensioned bearings can cause damage to your hubs and axles)
  • check brake pads for excessive wear
  • brake cable will require adjusting over time (should have just enough slack to fit your thumb between the hammer and cylinder)
  • if electric brakes are fitted, check the battery charge in the breakaway unit
Tailgate hinges and latches

  • regularly grease and ensure the are free moving to avoid binding, snapping or breaking

4. You can buy a new box trailer with TrailerPay or Humm90

If you are considering buying a new box trailer but finances are tight, we can make it easier through offering two different finance plans.

Buy a new trailer with TrailerPay

Trailer Pay enables you to purchase a new box trailer with a minimal deposit and weekly repayments over a pre-determined period of time. The size of the deposit required and the subsequent repayments are determined by the overall cost of the trailer you are purchasing.

There is no lengthy approval period when using TrailerPay, with finance usually able to be sorted out on the spot.

Buy a new trailer with Humm90

Humm90 provides interest free finance for purchase of a new box trailer in Adelaide. It offers you flexibility and fast approvals, plus there are no monthly fees.

With a Humm90 Mastercard, you don’t pay an establishment fee and no deposit is required — an annual $99 fee is the only charge you have to pay. You can choose to spread your repayments over 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

To apply, you need to earn more than $25,000 per year, have access to online banking, a valid email address and a smartphone. You also are required to have an Australian driving licence or passport.

5. Buy a new box trailer online

It is also possible to buy a new box trailer online, so if you can’t get to our workshop in person you can still find the ideal box trailer to meet your specific needs.

How to order a new box trailer online

The first step to buying a new box trailer is to go to the Trailer Range page on the Basic Trailers website, and then click on the Box Trailers category.

From there, you can choose the size of trailer you want, as well as other features that you require.

At the bottom of the page featuring your chosen trailer, the Specifications tab lists the materials and components used in the construction of the trailer, while the Accessories tab describes other features that are included as standard, such as mudflaps, lights, safety chains, etc.

On the right hand side of the page, you will see a list detailing the range of upgrades and accessories that you can add to your new box trailer. Click the check box next to the feature you want to add, and this will also be automatically reflected in the price.

Free no obligation quote for a new box trailer

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can either click add to cart to continue and complete your new trailer purchase, or click the Print Quote button and com

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