Why People Prefer Buying Australian Made Trailers

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Research released in 2019 has proven something that Basic Trailers has known for some time, namely that consumers in Adelaide and across the country much prefer buying Australian-made products to those imported from overseas. This extends to a wide range of goods and, if our experience is anything to go by, certainly includes trailers as well.

15,000 people from across Australia were surveyed by Roy Morgan and 90% of respondents aged 14 years and above said that their preference was always for buying goods manufactured in Australia as opposed to products that were produced in another country and then imported.

What is of particular relevance to us is the finding in this survey that Australians on the whole are far more likely to buy Australian made products rather than goods labelled Made in China. This is the case in a number of key sectors, including clothes, food, electrical goods, motor vehicles, sporting goods and wine.

Where is your trailer really built?

This is an important question to ask because many of the Adelaide trailers on the market today are in fact built almost entirely from Chinese-made steel and components, and only assembled in Australia.

Unfortunately for consumers, this fact isn’t always made clear to them, and so they think they are purchasing a locally-built trailer when this isn’t actually the case. (You can read more about how to tell the difference between a genuine Australian-made trailer and one built from imported steel and components here.)

Why you should buy a trailer made in Adelaide from Basic Trailers

At Basic Trailers, we have made it a priority to use only 100% Australian steel in all of our trailers, and to work with local component manufacturers and suppliers. This is because we know we can rely on the quality of these products, and that we are contributing to the local economy and supporting workers in South Australia.

Our trailers are designed in-house in our Pooraka workshop, with all fabrication and welding undertaken by our experienced team. We use the latest CNC machinery and CAD design software to streamline our production processes, which means we can pass the savings on to our customers and offer high quality, value for money trailers in a variety of sizes and designs.

The response of our customers is also a clear indication that people much prefer to buy a trailer made in Adelaide as well.

For instance, they appreciate the fact that we are able to upgrade our trailers to include a range of additional features, such as a trailer cage, increased ATM, larger tyres and rims, electric brakes, etc., which ensures that they get a trailer that precisely meets their needs. We have also made it easier to add custom features to a trailer through our online ordering system that provides a full cost breakdown of a new trailer before you buy.

As an added service, because our Adelaide trailers for sale are designed and manufactured in our own workshop, we can create and build fully customised trailers from scratch as well.

With Basic Trailers, there is the further bonus that you won’t be confronted with the problem of trying to buy a trailer in Adelaide and then being told that there is an 8 week wait — we have most of our trailer range in stock at all times, and so you can usually purchase your trailer, register it, obtain finance and tow it home the same day.

Find out more about Australian made trailers

If you want to buy an Australian made trailer in Adelaide and support the local economy at the same time, call Sam at Basic Trailers on 1300 770 770 or get in touch via email and we will be happy to talk you through our complete range of box trailers, cage trailers, car trailers, flat top trailers, tipping trailers and stock crate trailers for sale.

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