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Over the past couple of years, at Basic Trailers we have been developing an impressive range of highly versatile hydraulic tipper trailers. Like all of our trailers made in Adelaide, our hydraulic tipper trailers are built from 100% Australian steel right here in our local Pooraka workshop, and are strong and highly durable, providing excellent value for money.

Our hydraulic tipping trailers are ideal for use in a range of applications and industries, such as landscaping and gardening, building and construction, as well as earthworks and excavation. They are designed and built to carry all types of loose load, and are straightforward to operate, making load and unloading quick, safe and easy to do.

Basic Trailers has the biggest and best range of Adelaide tipping trailers

We design and build a wide variety of tipping trailers, suitable for all types of applications and which are built to cope with even the harshest working and road conditions.

Tipping trailers in all sizes

Our tandem axle hydraulic tipper trailers are available in a variety if sizes, depending on your needs:

All tippers in the range are fitted (as standard) with a telescopic 4 stage, 4,500kg rated hydraulic cylinder, 12v hydraulic power unit and Supercharge D50Z 80ah deep cycle battery.

Other standard features that make our tipping trailers so strong and durable include: 2.1mm checker plate floor with rolled 350mm high sides; 100x50x3mm RHS drawbar; and 50mm override tow coupling (2,000kg rated).

They are also fitted with 7 leaf eye-slipper springs suspension, solid 45mm square premium 1045 grade steel axles, and mechanical disc brakes and calipers.

We also produce a variety of flat top tipping trailers in a wide range of dimensions:

Our current range of single axle tipper trailers includes:

Upgrade a hydraulic tipper trailer to meet your requirements

As we design and build all of our hydraulic tipping trailers onsite here in our Pooraka workshop, we are able to customise trailers through the addition of a range of accessories and upgrades.

For instance, you can choose to have your trailer fitted with a double swing tailgate, larger tyres and rims, rocker roller suspension or front axle electric brakes, as well as a range of other upgrades.

We can also increase the capacity and weight of all the tipper trailers in our range to 2,800kg ATM, 3,200kg ATM or 3,500kg ATM.

Upgrades can be made when you buy a new trailer online via the Basic Trailers website, or alternatively call us on 1300 770 770 to discuss your needs in more detail

Specialist tipping trailers for sale

Tilt car trailers

Basic Trailers designs and builds a range of hydraulic tilt car trailers that provide a safe and effective means of transporting all makes and models of cars, motorbikes and vans, as well as plant and heavy machinery, such as fork lifts, scissor lifts, bob cats, mowers and landscaping equipment.

Our tilt car trailers are designed so that the trailer tray lifts up and the rear lowers to the ground. In this way, vehicles can be more easily loaded without having to use bulky ramps, without a winch, and without having to raise or lower the trailer manually. Once on board, vehicles can then be securely locked in place, improving safety both onsite and on the road.

The current range of hydraulic tilt car trailers includes:

As standard, our tilt car trailers are fitted with a 3 x 1.5 27” 6,000 kg rated double acting hydraulic cylinder, powered by a 12v hydraulic power unit and supercharge D50Z 80ah deep cycle battery.

In addition, you can choose to upgrade to a 2,800 kg, 3,200 kg, 3,500 kg or 4,500 kg ATM, meaning heavy duty plant, vehicles and machinery can all be towed legally and safely.

Tipper mower trailers

Tipper mower trailer have proven to be one of the most popular recent additions to our range, with current models including:

All of our tipper mower trailers are (as standard) 4,500 kg rated and feature a telescopic 4 stage hydraulic cylinder, as well as a 12v hydraulic power unit and supercharge D50Z 80ah deep cycle battery.

We can also customise a mower tipper trailer to meet your specific needs through the addition of a range of upgrades and accessories, including an enclosed mower box, top tie rails, full length side toolbox, rear mesh barn doors and more.

Heavy duty tipping trailers

We also design and manufacture heavy duty tipping trailers, specifically built to take on the heaviest loads in the most challenging applications.

The current range includes:

Building the tipper trailers Adelaide wants and needs

If you would like to find out more about our full range of tipping trailers, as well as our custom built trailers, feel free to call or visit our Adelaide trailer workshop in Pooraka.

Alternatively, call us on 1300 770 770 or email us via the enquiry form, and we will always be happy to talk you through our range.

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