The Benefits of Upgrading Your Trailer Rims and Tyres


One of the most popular trailer upgrades that we get requests for is to change the standard wheels on our single axle trailers and tandem trailers for all terrain tyres and/or Land Cruiser rims. There are a number of benefits to be gained if you take up these upgrade options when you are looking to buy a trailer in Adelaide.

Why upgrade to all terrain tyres?

If you plan to tow a trailer off road for any sustained period of time, or even if you just need to drive on rough or demanding roads fairly often, then an all terrain tyre upgrade on your trailer makes a lot of sense. We are able to supply and fit 15x7LT 235 All Terrain rims and tyres on all of our Adelaide trailers for sale, to further enhance their versatility and durability in demanding conditions.

One of the reasons you might decide to opt for all terrain tyres on your trailer is that they provide good traction on all types of surfaces, as you get the interlocking tread design of an off-road tyre combined with the sort of handling most on-road or street tyres deliver. The softer rubber compound used also contributes to their versatility and ability to handle a range of surfaces and road conditions. All terrain tyres also feature reinforced sidewalls, increasing the load capacity, which is essential when your are towing a heavy or fully-loaded trailer.

There are a couple of drawbacks that you need to look out for with all terrain tyres, such as the fact that the tread pattern tends to create more road noise, and that they can be prone to cupping, particularly if the suspension on your trailer is not functioning as well it should (although rotating your trailer tyres regularly can help to minimise this).

Why Land Cruiser rims and tyres are a good choice

For anyone towing a trailer behind a 4WD or SUV, upgrading to Land Cruiser rims and tyres can offer you several advantages. With our upgrades, you can choose between 15” or 16” rims, and a 5 or 6 stud configuration.

One of the most useful aspects of the rims and tyres on your trailer matching those on your towing vehicle is that you can effectively carry fewer spares, as if you need to change a wheel, you can use the same spare for either your trailer or your 4WD. This is especially helpful when you’re fully loaded up, or travelling long distances.

Another advantage, especially when you’re towing on sandy or muddy terrain, is that you will have a matching wheel track. This means the wheels of the trailer can essentially follow in the same tyre tracks made by your towing vehicle, producing a smoother ride and less drag and resistance. This also cuts down on wear on your trailer tyres, and helps to improve fuel economy.

Contact Basic Trailers for Adelaide Trailer Upgrades

If you want to know more about the advantages of upgrading your trailer tyres to an all terrain version, or you think you would benefit from Land Cruiser rims on your trailer, then please get in touch. Call Sam on 1300 770 770 or email us to find out more about all our trailer upgrades.

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