Give Your Business a Lift With Our Tough Scissor Lift Trailers


Our philosophy at Basic Trailers has always been to respond to our customers’ needs when it comes to the design and manufacture of our Adelaide trailers. And this is precisely what we have done with our range of scissor lift trailers, built by our in-house team in our Pooraka workshop.

Strength and reliability are key

When you are transporting a scissor lift from worksite to worksite, trailer strength and reliability are essential. You need a trailer that you can rely on to keep your valuable scissor lift secure when it’s being moved, and which enables you to load and unload it both quickly and safely.

The need for strength and durability is why the outer chassis of our scissor lift trailers are constructed from 75mm x 50mm x 3mm RHS Australian steel. In addition, the internal chassis features 50mm x 50mm x 2.5 mm SHS cross bracing around 350mm apart, along with 102 x 76 x 3 mm longitudinal runners.

Our scissor trailers also feature a strong and durable full floor, fabricated from 2.1 mm checker plate, which helps to protect your payload both on the road and when parked up on site.

In addition, our standard 2,200kg ATM scissor lift trailer features two 45mm solid axles, 7 leaf slipper springs, 10 inch disc brakes and 14 inch light truck tyres as standard. However, we can upgrade the ATM if required.

To enhance the look and durability of our scissor life trailers, they are prepared with etch primer, which ensures that the charcoal grey industrial enamel paint better adheres to the surface, giving you long-lasting performance in all road conditions. Each outside joint is also finished with a layer of polyurethane sealant.

Loading and unloading your scissor lift made easy

The floor on our scissor lift trailers is designed with a floor that slants down towards the rear. This creates a lower loading angle, making it easier to load and unload your scissor lift.

Further to this, the ramps on our scissor lift trailers are designed to be exceptionally durable and easy to use. They can be lowered simply by removing a clip, moving the support strap and then walking them down to the ground. In addition, both ramps have a leg attached as standard, which prevents the trailer from lifting while loading.

Our standard 1,680 kg payload trailers also come with six laser cut tie points, providing a range of options for securing your scissor lift when you’re on the move.

To further ensure that you can tow your trailer securely, they are designed with a grade ability of around 24%.

Our scissor lift trailers are packed with features

Our scissor lift trailers have a 1,600mm long FEA-tested drawbar, constructed from 100 x 50 x 3 mm RHS Australian steel.

The drawbar also features a 50mm ball override coupling, which operates the mechanical disc brakes, as well as a pair of 2.5 tonne ADR-approved safety chains which are connected to drawbar with rated chain connectors, not welded.

Scissor life trailers also come with a custom designed light plug holder, which will fit either a flat or round light plug, plus a standard 8 inch jockey wheel fitted with a swivel bracket.

There are light reflectors on the front and side of the trailer (side reflectors are replaced with marker lights on larger trailers), along with secure lighting at the rear, featuring multi bulb LED lamps which are shielded by custom laser cut light protectors.

In addition, there is an under mounted number plate holder with its own light, designed to remain safely out of the way when loading and unloading your scissor lift.

Scissor lift trailers for every need

Our aim at Basic Trailers has always been to design and build Adelaide trailers that meet the needs of all types of industries and applications.

This is why we design and build scissor lift trailers in a range of dimensions:

All of these trailers have a 2,200kg ATM as standard, but we offer a range of upgrades featuring a beefier chassis, top end running gear and electric brakes if you need to carry heavier loads. We are always happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have in terms of ATM or other upgrade features.

High quality scissor lift trailers Adelaide industry needs

Basic Trailers has always been committed to designing innovative trailers that are manufactured locally in Adelaide using Australian steel. We have adopted this philosophy because we understand how important it is, whatever trade or industry you’re in, to have the right trailer for the job.

This philosophy has underpinned has the design of our scissor lift trailer range.

And while we have a range of scissor lift trailers currently available, if you require a trailer that we dont yet currently build, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The advantage of all our trailer designs being done in-house is that we have greater flexibility than most, and the capacity to respond to customers’ needs.

If you want to buy a scissor lift trailer Adelaide wide, or just want to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch on on 1300 770 770, email us, or call into our Adelaide trailers workshop at Pooraka.

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