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Upgrade/Package Name3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6
Upgrade CategoryATM Upgrade Packages
Components Included upgraded chassis
upgraded drawbar
3500kg rocker roller suspension
4 wheel electric brakes
breakaway unit
1600 rated 50mm axles
Other upgrades required N/A
Not Needed UpgradesFront Axle Electric Brakes
Rocker Roller Suspension
Conflict options2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXEL-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXEL-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6

DescriptionAggregate Trailer Mass (more commonly referred to as ATM), is the combined weight of a fully-loaded trailer when it is not coupled to a towing vehicle. In South Australia, there are laws in place with regard to ATM and load limits, as well as regulations with regard to a trailer’s ATM and its braking system and capabilities. Therefore, whether you are towing a single axle or tandem axle trailer, if you plan to tow loads with an ATM above 2000kg, you will need to upgrade from our standard trailer configuration.
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