3" Drop Axle to Suit 1990kg ATM

Upgrade/Package Name3" Drop Axle to Suit 1990kg ATM
Upgrade Category Drop Axles
Components Included N/A
Other upgrades required Raise jockey wheel 100mm[mrjwh100]
Not Needed Upgrades No trailer upgrades available.
Conflict options 2" Drop Axle to Suit 1990kg ATM[da2ts199]
2" Drop Axle to Suit 2800kg ATM[da2ts280]
2" Drop Axle to Suit 3200kg ATM[da2ts320]
2" Drop Axle to Suit 3500kg ATM[da2ts350]
2" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 3500kg ATM[da2tt350]
2" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 4500kg ATM[da2tt450]
3" Drop Axle to Suit 2800kg ATM[da3ts280]
3" Drop Axle to Suit 3200kg ATM[da3ts320]
3" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 3500kg ATM[da3tt350]
3" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 4500kg ATM[da3tt450]
4" Drop Axle to Suit 1990kg ATM[da4ts199]
4" Drop Axle to Suit 2800kg ATM[da4ts280]
4" Drop Axle to Suit 3200kg ATM[da4ts320]
4" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 3500kg ATM[da4tt350]
4" Drop Axle to Suit Tri-Axle 4500kg ATM[da4tt450]
250mm High Sides/Tailgates #14[m25hst14]
250mm High Sides/Tailgates #16[m25hst16]
250mm High Sides/Tailgates #18[m25hst18]
250mm High Sides/Tailgates #20[m25hst20]
2800kg ATM-Car Trailer 14x6[p28c14x6]
2800kg ATM-Car Trailer 16x6[p28c16x6]
2800kg ATM-Car Trailer 18x6[p28c18x6]
2800kg ATM-Car Trailer 20x6[p28c20x6]
2800kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6[p28d16x6]
2800kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6[p28d18x6]
2800kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6[p28d20x6]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x6[p28f08x6]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x7[p28f08x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x6[p28f10x6]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x7[p28f10x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x8[p28f10x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x6[p28f12x6]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x7[p28f12x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x8[p28f12x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x7[p28f14x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x8[p28f14x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x7[p28f16x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x8[p28f16x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x7[p28f18x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x8[p28f18x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x7[p28f20x7]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x8[p28f20x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 22x8[p28f22x8]
2800kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 24x8[p28f24x8]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p28h08x5]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p28h10x5]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p28h10x6]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p28h12x5]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p28h12x6]
2800kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p28h14x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x4[p28t08x4]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p28t08x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x6[p28t08x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p28t10x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p28t10x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p28t12x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p28t12x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x5[p28t14x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p28t14x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x5[p28t16x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x6[p28t16x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x5[p28t18x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x6[p28t18x6]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x5[p28t20x5]
2800kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x6[p28t20x6]
3200kg ATM-Car Trailer 14x6[p32c14x6]
3200kg ATM-Car Trailer 16x6[p32c16x6]
3200kg ATM-Car Trailer 18x6[p32c18x6]
3200kg ATM-Car Trailer 20x6[p32c20x6]
3200kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6[p32d16x6]
3200kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6[p32d18x6]
3200kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6[p32d20x6]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x6[p32f08x6]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x7[p32f08x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x6[p32f10x6]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x7[p32f10x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x8[p32f10x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x6[p32f12x6]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x7[p32f12x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x8[p32f12x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x7[p32f14x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x8[p32f14x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x7[p32f16x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x8[p32f16x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x7[p32f18x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x8[p32f18x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x7[p32f20x7]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x8[p32f20x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 22x8[p32f22x8]
3200kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 24x8[p32f24x8]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p32h08x5]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p32h10x5]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p32h10x6]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p32h12x5]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p32h12x6]
3200kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p32h14x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x4[p32t08x4]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p32t08x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x6[p32t08x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p32t10x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p32t10x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p32t12x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p32t12x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x5[p32t14x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p32t14x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x5[p32t16x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x6[p32t16x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x5[p32t18x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x6[p32t18x6]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x5[p32t20x5]
3200kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x6[p32t20x6]
3500kg ATM-Car Trailer 14x6[p35c14x6]
3500kg ATM-Car Trailer 16x6[p35c16x6]
3500kg ATM-Car Trailer 18x6[p35c18x6]
3500kg ATM-Car Trailer 20x6[p35c20x6]
3500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6 [p35d16x6]
3500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6 [p35d18x6]
3500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6 [p35d20x6]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x6[p35f08x6]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x7[p35f08x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x6[p35f10x6]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x7[p35f10x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x8[p35f10x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x6[p35f12x6]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x7[p35f12x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x8[p35f12x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x7[p35f14x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x8[p35f14x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x7[p35f16x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 16x8[p35f16x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x7[p35f18x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 18x8[p35f18x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x7[p35f20x7]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 20x8[p35f20x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 22x8[p35f22x8]
3500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 24x8[p35f24x8]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p35h08x5]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p35h10x5]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p35h10x6]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p35h12x5]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p35h12x6]
3500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p35h14x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x4[p35t08x4]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p35t08x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x6[p35t08x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p35t10x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p35t10x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p35t12x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p35t12x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x5[p35t14x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p35t14x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x5[p35t16x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x6[p35t16x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x5[p35t18x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x6[p35t18x6]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x5[p35t20x5]
3500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x6[p35t20x6]
4500kg ATM-Car Trailer 14x6[p45c14x6]
4500kg ATM-Car Trailer 16x6[p45c16x6]
4500kg ATM-Car Trailer 18x6[p45c18x6]
4500kg ATM-Car Trailer 20x6[p45c20x6]
4500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6[p45d16x6]
4500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6[p45d18x6]
4500kg ATM-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6[p45d20x6]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x6[p45f08x6]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 08x7[p45f08x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x6[p45f10x6]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x7[p45f10x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 10x8[p45f10x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x6[p45f12x6]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x7[p45f12x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 12x8[p45f12x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-14x6[p45f14x6]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer 14x7[p45f14x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-14x8[p45f14x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-16x7[p45f16x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-16x8[p45f16x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-18x7[p45f18x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-18x8[p45f18x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-20x7[p45f20x7]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-20x8[p45f20x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-22x8[p45f22x8]
4500kg ATM-Flat Top Trailer-24x8[p45f24x8]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p45h08x5]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p45h10x5]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p45h10x6]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p45h12x5]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p45h12x6]
4500kg ATM-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p45h14x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x4[p45t08x4]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x5[p45t08x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-8x6[p45t08x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x5[p45t10x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-10x6[p45t10x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x5[p45t12x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-12x6[p45t12x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x5[p45t14x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-14x6[p45t14x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x5[p45t16x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-16x6[p45t16x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x5[p45t18x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-18x6[p45t18x6]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x5[p45t20x5]
4500kg ATM-Tandem Trailer-20x6[p45t20x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 14x6[x35c14x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 16x6[x35c16x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 18x6[x35c18x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 20x6[x35c20x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6[x35d16x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6[x35d18x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6[x35d20x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x6[x35f10x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x7[x35f10x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x8[x35f10x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x6[x35f12x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x7[x35f12x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x8[x35f12x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x6[x35f14x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x7[x35f14x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x8[x35f14x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-16x7[x35f16x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-16x8[x35f16x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-18x7[x35f18x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-18x8[x35f18x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-20x7[x35f20x7]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-20x8[x35f20x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-22x8[x35f22x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-24x8[x35f24x8]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[x35h10x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[x35h10x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[x35h12x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[x35h12x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[x35h14x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-10x5[x35t10x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-10x6[x35t10x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-12x5[x35t12x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-12x6[x35t12x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-14x5[x35t14x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-14x6[x35t14x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-16x5[x35t16x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-16x6[x35t16x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-18x5[x35t18x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-18x6[x35t18x6]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-20x5[x35t20x5]
3500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-20x6[x35t20x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 14x6[x45c14x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 16x6[x45c16x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 18x6[x45c18x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Car Trailer 20x6[x45c20x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 16x6[x45d16x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 18x6[x45d18x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Hydraulic Tilt Car Trailer 20x6[x45d20x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x6[x45f10x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x7[x45f10x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-10x8[x45f10x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x6[x45f12x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x7[x45f12x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-12x8[x45f12x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x6[x45f14x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x7[x45f14x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-14x8[x45f14x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-16x7[x45f16x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-16x8[x45f16x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-18x7[x45f18x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-18x8[x45f18x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-20x7[x45f20x7]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-20x8[x45f20x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-22x8[x45f22x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Flat Top Trailer-24x8[x45f24x8]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x5[x45h10x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-10x6[x45h10x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x5[x45h12x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-12x6[x45h12x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tipper-Tandem Trailer-14x6[x45h14x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-10x5[x45t10x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-10x6[x45t10x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-12x5[x45t12x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-12x6[x45t12x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-14x5[x45t14x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-14x6[x45t14x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-16x5[x45t16x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-16x6[x45t16x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-18x5[x45t18x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-18x6[x45t18x6]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer-20x5[x45t20x5]
4500kg ATM-TRI-AXLE-Tandem Trailer20x6[x45t20x6]
Available for Products:

About Upgrades

Our trailers can be upgraded to a higher ATM and we can add cages, upgrade suspensions, change wheels.

If you’re looking to buy a trailer in Adelaide, our extensive range of trailers for sale are manufactured at our workshop in Pooraka from high quality Australian steel. Strong and versatile and made for tough working conditions, all of our trailers come with 12-month warranty and offer outstanding value for money.

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If you have any questions simply use the following contact details.

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