8x4 Mower Trailer - Tandem Axle

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8x4 mower trailer –Tandem Axle - 1990kg ATM.

Rego & Spare:
Popular Upgrades:
ATM/Payload Upgrades:
Suspension, Wheels & Brakes:
Body & Ramp Upgrades:
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  • Camping

  • Storage

  • Excavation Machinery, Auger Holders & Restraints

  • Legs & supports

  • Alternative Spare Wheel Mounting

  • More Upgrades

    * Note: ATM upgrades include rocker roller suspension, All-wheel electric brakes with break away unit. 3500kg+ ATM includes landcruiser rims/tyres. 4500kg ATM has 70mm coupling.

TOTAL: $7,550.00Inc GST

Pay $1,510.00 (20% deposit) to start!

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Chassis: 50X50X2.5mm RHS

Drawbar: 100x50x3mm RHS

Floor/sides: 2.1mm checker plate with rolled 350mm high sides

Suspension: 7 Leaf Eye - slipper springs

Axles: Solid 45mm square premium 1045 grade steel

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes & calipers

Wheels/Tyres: 185/70 LT tyres fitted to 14x6 inch Sunraysia type rims

Tow Coupling: 50mm override tow coupling (2000kg rated)

Paint: Etched primed & painted with industrial dark grey enamel.

Lights: High quality LED ADR approved multi-volt tail lights

Lights other: Front white & amber side reflectors to

Reflectors: Front white & amber side

Mudflaps: Fitted with 10x9" Durable mudflaps

Jockey Wheel: 6" medium duty, 8" on Tandem trailers

Safety Chains: Twin ADR approved chain

Cages: Upgrade with our 900mm high trailer cages, they are one of the best quality cages you will find. The cages are made of 40mm tube and are fitted with a half inch bolt set. All cages are brushed post galvanising to ensure an even and clean finish.

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All Basic Trailers come with a twelve (12) month warranty period covering the welding fabrication, electrical components, running gear, ancillary parts, and labour costs.

    • Basic Trailers are built or supplied to the specification detailed on the invoices issued at the time of payments being made. Ensure that you check the specification of the build for accuracy on the invoice prior to any deposit being paid, or after any agreed changes have been added to your order. If any variation discussed to the specification of the build is not added to the order it will not be included in the invoiced price and may not be possible to rectify once the trailer has been fabricated, built, or completed. As far as possible trailers will be built using the parts/brands/colours detailed in the quote or the parts/brands/colours visible in the yard. Due to supply chain availability Basic Trailers may have to source alternative parts/brands/colours that are equal to or better in quality as a replacement without prior consultation.
    • Pictures on the Basic Trailers Website or in any Basic Trailers Adverts may not be an exact representation of the specification build of any trailers advertised.
    • Basic Trailers require a 20% deposit to be paid before the commencement of any trailer build and final payment to be made on completion of the build. Delaying the deposit payment may result in the original lead time quoted not being achievable.
    • Unless agreed prior to the order being processed, credit terms with Basic Trailers are not available.
    • It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the following:
      • The towing vehicle has the capability to tow the Gross ATM weight of the trailer.
      • The trailer purchased has a suitable payload capability for its intended use.
      • The towing vehicle is suitably wired to be able to control all lights and electric brakes.
      • The towing vehicle Tow Ball height tows the trailer horizontally flat.
      • Suitably rated shackles (two off) can be connected to the towing vehicle.
      • All trailer loads are secured correctly.
      • All trailer towing laws or regulations are adhered to.
    • It is highly recommended that your trailer is “run in” and “road tested” locally to determine roadworthy condition before embarking on a long journey or relocation.
    • The Paint Coating system used on Basic Trailers is an etch primer with two topcoats of QD Enamel Paint with a Hammertone finish in Basic Charcoal Colour (or specified colour). This coating is classed as sacrificial and aesthetic and will scratch or stone chip with general everyday use. Each trailer is finished to a standard as determined by Basic Trailers, paint quality application issues, paint run’s or weld spatter may be visible. Every effort will be made during the process to avoid these issues.
    • If you feel your trailer is defective or a warranty claim is sought, contact Basic Trailers immediately (Phone: 1300 770 770 or Email: sales@basictrailers.com.au) requesting a technical inspection. A time slot will be scheduled for you to bring your trailer to Basic Trailers Workshop in Adelaide for evaluation.
    • Warranty repair will not be honoured unless the trailer is brought to the Adelaide workshop. Basic Trailers will not be liable for any other associated costs incurred to return the trailer to its premises in Adelaide.
    • Once the evaluation has been completed, you will be informed of the outcome, the expected duration of the repair, and whether covered under warranty or whether there will be a cost to repair. No repair work will be carried out until an agreement has been agreed. As far as possible identical parts will be used as part of any warranty repair. Parts/brands/colours or suppliers may have changed or be unavailable. In these instances, alternative to, equal to or better-quality parts may be used as a replacement without prior consultation.
    • Proof of original ownership or proof of legal change of ownership is required for any warranty repair.
    • Basic Trailers is not able to collect or deliver trailers to any locations.
    • The warranty will become void if the trailer has not received proper maintenance, has been modified from the manufacture build specification or if any spare parts used do not comply with Basic Trailers specifications.
    • The warranty will also be void if any overloading has occurred, laws broken, or safety procedures have not been adhered to. Basic Trailers cannot be held liable for any costs incurred through unlawful use.
    • Basic Trailers have qualified professionals that are capable of handling any repairs needed for warranty purposes. There will be no acceptance of monetary claims for repairs made by third party professionals or any other person. Basic Trailers will not be liable for any costs involving repairs made by any other company or person, such as - but not limited to - costs for parts, materials, or labour. Moreover, if repairs are performed by other than Basic Trailers, without prior approval, your warranty will be void.
    • To maintain the validity of your warranty proper maintenance must be carried out on your trailer. Keep it clean and if possible, store in a covered location never letting water pool or settle on the trailer for long periods of time.
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