Tips: 'Tri Axle Trailers' means trailers with 3 axles. Most of our Heavey duty trailers can be upgraded to tri-axle with 3500KG ATM or 4500KG ATM. In our production lines, we have trailers with tri-axle as default option, such like 'Tiny House Chassis Trailers'.


Trailer Upgrades

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We produce single axle box trailers, tandem trailers, tipper trailers and car trailers, all of which can be modified with a range of additional features that enable you to upgrade your trailer to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s a heavy duty trailer for work, a single axle 6x4 trailer for personal use, or any size of trailer in between, we can upgrade your basic trailer with a range of different add-on features to give you even greater capability and performance.

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