1600kg ATM-Single Trailer

Upgrade/Package Name1600kg ATM-Single Trailer
Upgrade Category 1600kg ATM Upgrades
Components Included upgraded chassis
eye to eye 10 leaf suspension
12” disc brakes
Land Cruiser rims and tyres
Other upgrades required No trailer upgrades available.
Not Needed Upgrades Eye to Eye Suspension[uetesusp]
Conflict options 2000kg ATM-Single Trailer[p20allst]
DescriptionAggregate Trailer Mass (more commonly referred to as ATM), is the combined weight of a fully-loaded trailer when it is not coupled to a towing vehicle. In South Australia, there are laws in place with regard to ATM and load limits, as well as regulations with regard to a trailer’s ATM and its braking system and capabilities. Therefore, whether you are towing a single axle or tandem axle trailer, if you plan to tow loads with an ATM above 2000kg, you will need to upgrade from our standard trailer configuration.
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About Upgrades

Our trailers can be upgraded to a higher ATM and we can add cages, upgrade suspensions, change wheels.

If you’re looking to buy a trailer in Adelaide, our extensive range of trailers for sale are manufactured at our workshop in Pooraka from high quality Australian steel. Strong and versatile and made for tough working conditions, all of our trailers come with 12-month warranty and offer outstanding value for money.

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