Buying Trailers

We aim always to have our single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, car trailers and tipper trailers in stock and ready to go in our Adelaide workshop. This means you can usually buy a new trailer and tow it away the same day.
We can arrange instant registration for you on the spot (including supplying number plates). This means your new trailer will be fully registered and available to tow away on the day you make your purchase.
We always welcome customers to our Adelaide trailer workshop in Pooraka. Come and see the quality and workmanship of our complete range of Basic Trailers for yourself — we’re sure you’ll be impressed by what you see.
We are happy to accept payment for new trailers via Trailer Pay.
All Basic Trailers are covered by our 12 month warranty.
A wide range of upgrades are available for all the trailers in our range. For instance, you can upgrade the ATM if you have more demanding loads to haul, add eye-to-eye or rocker roller suspension, or add front axle electric brakes.

There are also upgrades available for our specialty trailer range, such as:
• Semi-open headboards for flat-top trailers
• Drop down legs for plant trailers
• Heavy duty winches for car trailers
• Double swing tailgates for tipper trailers
• Overhead bracing and removable H frames for stick crate trailers
We have a completely transparent pricing policy that enables you to know the complete cost of your trailer — including features like upgraded ATM, electric brakes, rocker roller suspension, etc. — before you call us.
Our website offers a comprehensive quote service, where you can get a total price for any trailer in our range. You can also include the cost for any upgrades that you want to add in order to customise your trailer. Once you finalise a quote, you will be emailed a copy, which remains valid for 30 days.

Trailer Manufacturing

All of our Adelaide trailers for sale come with a jockey wheel, front infill, high quality LED
lights, and disc rotors with mechanical callipers as standard. Other optional features (such as
a spare wheel) are available on request for an additional charge.
If a trailer is 100% made in Australia (as all of the trailers are here in our Adelaide workshop),
it means that the design, welding and fabrication work is all done in Australia. For Basic
Trailers, this also means that we use only high quality Australian steel. If a trailer is
‘assembled in Australia’, this means that all of the parts and components are produced
overseas (usually from lower grade steel and to lower standards of workmanship) and then
imported into Australia, where the various pre-fabricated pieces are simply put together. The
difference in terms of quality, durability and longevity is significant.
We use self-etching primer on our trailers because it etches and primes in one coat, and prepares the steel used in the chassis so that the paint is better able to adhere to the surface. A well painted and coated trailer underside means that it is protected more effectively against rust and corrosion, as well as physical damage that can result from travelling over unsealed roads and other difficult terrain.
We manufacture hydraulic tipping trailers that are ideal for use all types of applications, including earthworks, excavation, construction, building, landscaping and gardening. The Basic Trailers range of tipper trailers includes:

All of our tandem tipping trailers feature as standard a telescopic 4 stage, 4,500kg rated hydraulic cylinder, 12v hydraulic power unit and Supercharge D50Z 80ah deep cycle battery. Other features include a 100x50x3mm RHS drawbar and 2.1mm checker plate floor with rolled 350mm high sides, plus a 2,000kg rated 50mm override tow coupling.

Further standard features on our tipping trailers include 7 leaf eye-slipper springs suspension, solid 45mm square premium 1045 grade steel axles, and mechanical disc brakes and calipers.
We can design and build a customised trailer to your precise specifications, and our team can help you take your plans from the initial concert through to manufacture and getting your trailer on the road.

We use high-end CAD simulation software to produce very accurate designs, which makes our design process flexible enough to meet any specifications. We also use CNC (computer-numerical control) machinery in a number of our processes, which ensures high quality, cost-effective production, and enables us to create unique and customised components for use in our custom built trailers.
We can produce customised tradie trailers to meet your precise specifications. We will work with you to design and manufacture a trailer that’s configured to do everything you need it to for on the worksite and beyond.

Some of the custom features that can be included in our tradie trailers:
• Single axle, tandem axle or tri axle trailers
• ATM up to 4,500kg
• Trailer cages and canopies
• Lift up, side swing and drop ramp doors
• Customised shelves and storage
• Ladder racks and roof racks
• Tie rails
• Tool boxes manufactured to your specifications
• LED trailer lighting
• Secure, lockable storage
We manufacture an extensive range of car trailers, in a variety of styles and dimensions:
• Standard car trailers
• Beavertail car trailers
• Full floor car trailers
• Hydraulic tilt car trailers


ATM stands for Aggregate Trailer Mass. This is the combined weight of the trailer with its full load when not coupled with a tow vehicle. This is the way we measure the carrying capacity of our trailers at Basic Trailers, although you might elsewhere see the term GTM, which stands for Gross Trailer Mass and is the weight that a fully loaded trailer imposes on its axle(s) when it is coupled to a towing vehicle. check our ATM upgrade options
What sort of suspension are your trailers fitted with?
Our hydraulic tilt car trailers utilise a 3 x 1.5 27” 6000kg rated double acting hydraulic cylinder, powered by a 12v hydraulic power unit and supercharge D50Z 80ah deep cycle battery, so there is no winding or physical raising or lowering of the trailer required. There is also no need to use bulky ramps with a tilting car trailer, while the straightforward loading process also reduces the chances of either your trailer or the vehicle you’re towing being damaged.
We design and manufacture tandem axle stock crate trailers in a range of sizes that feature 7 leaf eye slipper springs suspension, 2.1 mm checker plate with rolled 350 mm high sides, along with solid 45 mm square premium 1045 grade steel axles. There are a range of upgrades that you can add to customise your livestock trailer, including stock crate dividers, overhead bracing, removable H frames and tube inserts. You can also add a rear gate with a ramp or a heavy duty ramp with a helper spring.
Vehicles in Australia have a rated towing capacity determined by the manufacturer, which is the maximum ATM that the vehicle can tow safely. The biggest 4WDs in Australia will be rated to tow a 3,000 kg ATM or 3,500 kg ATM load, and so should be capable of towing even our largest trailers.
There are a number of key ratings or measures that you need to be aware of when you are calculating the overall towing abilities of a vehicle:
• Kerb weight
• Gross vehicle mass (GVM)
• Gross combination mass (GCM)
Our trailers come with a 50 mm override tow coupling, suitable for use with the standard 50 mm Australian tow ball, which can be used for towing trailers with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of up to 3,500 kg. The type of tow bar you choose should be governed by the type of trailer you tow and the sort of vehicle you have. Whatever sort of two bar you choose, it must adhere to AS/NZS4177 pertaining to Caravan and Light Trailer Towing Components.
All of our trailers are fitted with twin ADR-approved safety chains, meaning when you two one of our trailers you automatically come with the Light Vehicle Towing Trailer Regulations as set down by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in South Australia.
Basic Trailers doesn’t recommend any particular insurance provider, but there are a variety of different trailer insurance policies you can choose from. These include:
• Accidental loss or damage
• Emergency cover
• Towing and storage
• Replacing a new trailer
• Legal liability
• Trailer theft recovery costs
• Death or injury to animals
The type of trailer suspension that you opt for will depend on the size and ATM of the trailer you tow, the driving conditions you experience, and the weight of the loads you are carrying.
All of our trailers are fitted with 7 leaf eye slipper springs as standard, which is a suitable set up for any type of trailer with an ATM of up to 1,990 kg. However, if you need to tow heavier loads, if you’re required to tow in difficult conditions, or you are just looking for a way of creating a smoother ride, then you might want to consider upgrading your trailer suspension. Our trailers can be fitted with:
• Slipper spring trailer suspension
• Eye to eye trailer suspension
• Rocker roller trailer suspension

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