In our Pooraka trailer workshop, we use 3 phase welding equipment as opposed to a single phase welder, and this is a key reason why we are able to build Adelaide’s best trailers.
3-phase power produces more constant delivery, so it is possible to carry more load. This in turn means a higher duty cycle (the amount of time a piece of welding equipment can safely produce a welding current without having to pause), and so we have to have less down time during which our welding equipment needs to be rested.
In addition, 3 phase welding produces better weld penetration (known technically as the depth of fusion) which contributes to a weld’s ultimate strength.
All of this means that our trailers are extremely strong and durable, and provide long operating life without the need for ongoing repairs or maintenance work.
To find out more, please call Basic Trailers on 1300 770 770, or email us any questions you may have.
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