Our trailer manufacturing procedures are designed so that each stage of the process is performed by a trade specialist, ensuring the highest possible quality at every step along the way.
We use self-etching primer on all of our trailers, before painting them in an industrial dark grey enamel. This prepares the steel surfaces on our trailer chassis so that the paint gains maximum adherence, which in turn means that the trailer body, drawbar, and checker plate floor are all better protected against rusting and other forms of degradation.
In addition, we employ vertical up MIG welding on all critical high load and high stress areas to ensure longer operating life and less remedial repair work being required over time.
Furthermore, we do all of our own trailer designs at our Adelaide trailer workshop using high-end CAD simulation software and CNC machinery.
To find out more, please call Basic Trailers on 1300 770 770, or email us any questions you may have.
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