We design and build a variety of standard, beavertail, full floor and hydraulic tilt car trailers at our workshop in Adelaide. They come in a range of dimensions, and can be fitted out with a variety of trailer upgrades that enable you to customise a car trailer to better meet your precise requirements.
Our range of beavertail car trailers includes both flat top and full floor models, while our hydraulic tilt car trailers feature a 6000 kg rated double acting hydraulic cylinder, so there is no winding, or physical raising or lowering of the trailer required. This also means that ramps are not required, and vehicles can be firmly locked in place once loaded.
Basic Trailers car tilt trailers can be upgraded to 2,800kg, 3,200 kg, 3,500 kg or 4,500 kg ATM, and are available in both tandem and tri-axle versions.
To find out more, please call Basic Trailers on 1300 770 770, or email us any questions you may have.
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